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HDR 4K Photos

Get 4k resolution images for website content, printed material, or for posting on social media. These photos are extracted from our 3D walkthroughs so you can avoid the hassle of multiple photographers and photoshoot days.


We have proven to many successful clients

Simply put, our virtual tours are the closest you’re going to get to experience an environment or space, without needing to be there.


What our client says

Hi there, my name is Gerard Duggan. I’m the owner of the The Sugar Loaf Pub in Luton. Along with my family, and we’ve been in business for over 30 years and going with the times we have decided to do a virtual tour of the pub. V-Tech Measurements came into the restaurant and did us more than just a 3D Virtual Tour. Razvan is professional, very easy to work with, extremely creative with his bullets. If you got a factory, pub, restaurant, retail shop, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend V-Tech Measurements. Thank you Razvan!

Gerard Duggan Owner, The Surgar Loaf Pub

V-Tech Measurements and Razvan were AMAZING. His work is as well, as you can see from the photos. We hired him to do our Coffee Shop "Papps Cafe" and we couldn’t be happier. Very professional. Came on time. Knew what he was doing. We think this is a great idea to show potential customers your place so that they’re even more persuaded to come. Overall, very pleased with his work and am recommending him to all our business owner friends.

Cornelia Papureanu Owner, Papps Cafe

I highly recommend V-Tech Measurements. We made a Virtual Tour of our restaurant, and the V-Tech team was very helpful from the beginning. Not only did they answer all of our questions and requirements, but they also delivered everything right on time. If you are looking for a Virtual Tour provider, V-Tech Measurements it’s the best option!

Arben Jahja CoOwner, Vesuvio Restaurant