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We'll make your business stand out of the crowd

We create 360 Tours to explore your space.  We help you with this technology to deliver a 360 Media Solution that is custom-built to your needs.  Adding rich media content to your 360 tours helps educate the viewer and assist in the sales process.  There is always a solution for your business. We think outside the box and provide you with many options. 


What's available for you

As a  Matterport partner, we meet their high standards to provide the highest quality photographic imagery, to enhance your business and increase your marketing potential. We always strive to see what can assist your business and assist in gaining the best online exposure.  We use the latest 360º camera equipment and a few secret weapons to make you stand out from the rest.

3D Virtual Tours

Our 360 Virtual Tours visualize retail business, vacation and hospitality venue projects like never before. Imagine that your clients can now enter your location at their convenience from any device, walk from room to room, look up and down, explore features, measure and virtually view the entire space in an immersive 360-degree environment. All Virtual Tours can be easily embedded on your website in the iFrame format and can be shared on all social media platforms. Welcome to the future of Real Estate marketing and spatial experience.

Virtual staging

Here we digitally add realistic furniture, fixtures and fittings to any part of an existing building or we can remove existing furniture and add a new one. Virtual staging is realistic and allows you to see the potential of a vacant property.

QR Code

A QR code is today’s best way to add an interactive 3D experience to printed materials. Anybody with a smartphone can simply scan QR-codes to automatically access 3D Virtual Tours of any property or business and visit it 24/7.

Info Tags

Informational tags can highlight the features, inventory, and services of your space by placing tags anywhere – can be populated with text, videos, and photos to add more context. Help guide viewers to what they need to see before visiting in person.

Unlimited 4K & 360 Photos

Get 4k & 360 panoramic images for website content, printed material, or for posting on social media. You can extract photos directly from our 360 walkthroughs so you can avoid the hassle of multiple photographers and photoshoot days.

Marketing Video & Guided Tours

Spaces with a Guided Tour allow visitors to click or tap Play to experience only the designated series of tour stops we’ve created. Guests can control the tour anytime and explore the 3D model if they want to.

Floor Plans

Using the data from our 3D captures, we can create measured floor plans so you can get an accurate understanding of your space and optimize its layout. These quick and cost-effective floor plans are great to use as guidance around your location.

Property Landing Page

Around 90% of home buyers use the Internet to search for a new home or property in today’s real estate market. At the same time, 27% read advertisements as well as newspapers. The Internet is the best place to sell your assets. There’s no better place to start than with a targeted website unique to each property you’re selling.

Get people to talk about you. 


What our client says

Hi there, my name is Gerard Duggan. I’m the owner of the The Sugar Loaf Pub in Luton. Along with my family, and we’ve been in business for over 30 years and going with the times we have decided to do a virtual tour of the pub. V-Tech Measurements came into the restaurant and did us more than just a 3D Virtual Tour. Razvan is professional, very easy to work with, extremely creative with his bullets. If you got a factory, pub, restaurant, retail shop, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend V-Tech Measurements. Thank you Razvan!

Gerard Duggan Owner, The Surgar Loaf Pub

V-Tech Measurements and Razvan were AMAZING. His work is as well, as you can see from the photos. We hired him to do our Coffee Shop "Papps Cafe" and we couldn’t be happier. Very professional. Came on time. Knew what he was doing. We think this is a great idea to show potential customers your place so that they’re even more persuaded to come. Overall, very pleased with his work and am recommending him to all our business owner friends.

Cornelia Papureanu Owner, Papps Cafe

I highly recommend V-Tech Measurements. We made a Virtual Tour of our restaurant, and the V-Tech team was very helpful from the beginning. Not only did they answer all of our questions and requirements, but they also delivered everything right on time. If you are looking for a Virtual Tour provider, V-Tech Measurements it’s the best option!

Arben Jahja CoOwner, Vesuvio Restaurant